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mothwizard replied to your post: “mothwizard replied to your post: :o!!! is it a boy or a lady bun A…”:
what a rude bun what the heckie

Other than IV distribution it is literally the same exact shiny as the first. destroy these buns

mothwizard replied to your post:
:o!!! is it a boy or a lady bun

A boy, without its hidden ability. again

I hatched a SECOND shiny Buneary before hatching a 6IV HA mother. GOD. GOD!!!!! DESTROY THESE BUNS

I bred another rly good Chao and rottenmeats I’m gonna name it the other name u suggested, sugar

sloooooooooooow replied to your post: “What should I name my new pure white chao”:
Ash because usually someone would name it a dorky name like snow but you rebel against convetnion

omg. yes…

What should I name my new pure white chao

Tbh I’m kind of glad about looking much younger than I am because then it makes me not look as much pathetic irl because I’m 20 and I can’t function on my own and I have my parents drive me everywhere so I just look like a typical kid and that is a blessing to me

minnesotahoneylove used ask! hey, some people have been messaging me and this one person made me actually kinda feel bad about being mean to you. i'm sorry for being a dick. that being said if you do have BPD and such that is preventing you from getting a job and having a better life that i'm sure you will have one day, you should seek help to find coping measures.

Tbh it’s a mesh of things preventing me from having a job. Mainly because it is very hard to bath and feed myself a lot because I don’t have energy to get up. But also because of anxiety, autistic meltdowns, no volume control, anger problems, intense emotion swings that cause me to instantly sob one moment and be empty the next, and just so much more things I have

Tbh I can’t even drive because I have anxiety attacks when driving with family. I do not even have a license. I am 20 and I cannot function by myself and the most I do is online college and even then I don’t do spectacularly well at that and I’m getting by

I can’t see a psych because of dangerous, abusive family so all my focus on is getting through college and just surviving for the moment. I am very afraid of being kicked out or mercy killed by my family

Thanks for the apology I guess but I’m just saying that getting a job right now is far from important to me atm and I’m just thing to survive with my mental health not in shambles. The importance is that we don’t need a job or to contribute to be worthy, we are of inherent worth because we are human and exist

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m probably going to do games or something to distract from anger and paranoia

I’m mad and I keep thinking things are watching me in the darkness god