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>”you can’t be autistic and ADHD they’re two polar opposite conditions”

ok I can’t tell if this is sarcasm or not but this is shitty to say and also Wrong because autism is often comorbid with things like ADD/ADHD and OCD so like

The subject of kingdom hearts is on my dash and I thought I’d say a few words:

I love the characters and the neat concept of kingdom hearts but for me it’s just… So painful to actually play? Idk it’s a real time strategy jrpg beat em up game and I just

It’s rly more of an issue I have with the genre rater than the games themselves (or at least of 1 I’ve only played the fort one)

like idk I just. I hate real time strategy games?? My brain can’t process shit constantly moving and going so I get lost and just so confused and I forget things but I don’t have time to remember and then I get my ass kicked

Like idk that’s why I love turn based strategy games WAY more than real time because I can think things over and process them better and then think of strategy!

ok ok back to the subject of kingdom hearts: I’ll probably watch a lets play of the games in the series or something cause I can’t get through the game easily because of my issues mentioned earlier. They are neat tho! Just the gameplay I personally can’t handle due to Personal Brain Issues

If I ever get a place on my own or something (which will probably be never I can’t function on my own lol) I would love a nice and plump cute lizard like maybe a blue tongued skink.

Before i get it of course I would take forever and build a nice lovely enclosure and look up food and junk and ahh. It’ll probably take a million years enforce I get it setup but since I’ll be doing this before getting one it’d be no problem

I think a nice lizard would be a nice buddy and if love to home one….. Nice plump liz

I love my current pet dog of course he is my son and baby I luv him

caninevillain replied to your post: “frankenstein invisible baby stealing Fuck”:
rohan is the best and worst character in that hes so completely ridiculous and also hes bpd as hell

A spinoff manga is created by and about Rohan: “jojo, baby stealer”

Let’s go, Link!  For Zelda!  For all of this world!


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A ghost told him to avenge her death and he just turned around and said “mmm bye.” And then even when he agreed to, he didn’t even fight the guy once.

"fuk u ghost I gotta steal some invisible babies and write my manga"