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Talk shit about grass, we’ll kick your ass.
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how dare u not like my grass lizard son…..
someone save me from these grass nerds
unsubscribed. ……

im sry…………………..

alien isolation looks genuinely neat and i want it

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We’re not gay we’re just bronding *holds Archie’s hand*



question: why can’t these “capable lady characters” be allowed to wear clothing that doesn’t have holes in it or isn’t skin-tight?

answer: they are still being designed exclusively for the consumption of the presumed-male audience, but in a more “socially acceptable” way. these devs do not care about women to any meaningful degree, they just want more money.

im a so dirty and gross i need to shower but i have no energy to do it and i’d use the new nice dry shampoo i have but atm my whole body is filthy so this time i need to just force a shower at some point because it’s like my entire body is Filth

omg…. camp pokemon looks like such a cute and simple pokemon game phone app! also it’s free too so that’s neat!

it’s quite simple of course but it looks like it’ll entertain a lot of little kids who love pokemon! it’s so sweet I Love

i collected 90 solosis eggs btw; gonna hatch them tonight

Anonymous used ask! hey idk if you're the right person to ask, but i was wondering if ppl w/ spd who aren't autistic can stim? like i'm trying to figure out if i'm autistic and i stim but i also have spd on its own so idk?

ah anon, stimming is not exclusive to autism! it is very prevalent in autism but many other disorders can involve stimming! spd is indeed a disorder that can involve stimming in people, so yes it is possible for someone who is spd but not autistic to stim! it is also possible, but not too common, for some autistic people to not have stims at all

but yes you can have spd and also stim